What is Content Marketing and Why It Is Important.

“Content marketing” may not be a new phrase to most of us because we now live in what is called the digital age. Most people and businesses include this phrase in their daily conversation or correspondence.  It has grown to become more than just a popular online phrase to rather a powerful tool for businesses targeting online customers. But what is Content Marketing?
Content marketing is the marketing and business process for creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience with the objective of driving profitable customer action.
Here is a less formal definition of Content Marketing, I found on contentmarketinginstitute.com that is pretty cool.
“Traditional marketing and advertising is telling the world you’re a rock star.  Content Marketing is showing the world that you are one.”  – Robert Rose
The core motive businesses market online is to attract prospective customers and existing ones into a long lasting relationship.
For effective Content Marketing, businesses can share their brand story, information or entertain as the case maybe. The point is, business need to create relevant and valuable stories that resonate and connects with their audience (new and existing) in exchange for attention, leads, brand Expansion, cost savings, loyalty and ultimately increase sales.
To produce good content, you have to know what your customers need, to be able to tell an effective and impactful story. When this is identified,  businesses can then present it in many ways – Infographics,  blogs, web pages, E-books, Podcasts, videos, Photos, Animations, News, Newsletter, emails etc.
So, Why Content Marketing?
There are many reasons why business should include content marketing into their marketing strategy, so many that some can be easily ignored. I have listed just a few of the opportunities that abound that businesses can take advantage of.
    • An increase in Web Traffic – Producing valuable content consistently will increase traffic to your website or blog. The numbers of daily new visitors will increase and Pervious visitors will keep coming back.
    • Engagements and loyalty – Content marketing creates impressions and makes it easy for your target audience to reach, comment, review, like etc. this leads to increase in customer retention and loyalty.
    • Better brand reputation – Content marketing increases brand reputation. Business can better represent themselves. Everybody is online and their target audience expects to connect with them online. If businesses are not producing content to project their brand, someone else might do it on their behalf and misrepresent what the brand stands for.
    • Thought Leader – Producing valuable content consistently makes the target audience see you as an expert in your field
    • Increase in Sales – content marketing helps increase sales numbers which are the ultimate target for businesses that include content marketing into strategy.
    • Cheaper than Traditional forms of marketing – when compared to the huge amount business spend on advertising through traditional forms, content marketing is cheaper. It’s cheaper and easier to implement a long-time marketing strategy with content marketing
Content marketing is now a dominant factor when marketing online. Customers now careless about your product. They’re rather interested in the good story your business is telling. Content marketing helps build loyalty and connects customers to businesses and their products. The core of what makes a good content is a story well-made and told in a good way.
Most content marketing experts recommend keeping to the 80/20 rule. That is, businesses should share content that is not related to their business 80% of the time (e.g Inspiration quotes, video, How-Tos, tips and tricks etc.) while the remaining 20% is to promote  their product
Most businesses that use Content Marketing usually develop a long time marketing strategy with it. So my advice to those still sitting on the fence is to start. The sooner they do, the sooner they’ll start seeing the benefits. Develop a plan and have a goal (Increase traffic, Engagements, customer service, loyalty etc).
Content Marketing is inexpensive. Accessible to everyone and every industry. Include Content Marketing in your marketing arsenal either as the main strategy or part of other existing strategies already in place and your business will be happy you did.
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