How to Make Your Facebook Business Page Super Engaging

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is a great idea. But setting it up alone, then wishing and waiting for your page engagements to increase and drive actions that will profit your business just won’t happen.

To attract your desired customers from the huge 1.94 billion monthly active users on Facebook you’ve got to do more than just wish and wait.

Businesses on Facebook are there to grow their business. But to grow a business with Facebook page could mean using Facebook page: to launch a new product, create awareness for a cause, drive physical store sales, connect with fans, boost your web traffic or maybe promote an app.

But to grow a business on a Facebook page could mean using it: to launch a new product, create awareness for a cause, drive physical store sales, connect with fans, boost your web traffic or maybe promote an app.

Do you have a new Facebook business page or need to optimize and existing one?

The following 14 tips are some of the ways to make your Facebook Business page engaging and drive customers to make a probable action.




 1.Use a Profile Picture Identifiable with Your Brand:

Using the right profile picture is very important. This makes it easy for your audience to discover you.

When it easy to discover you, you make it easy to get your Facebook business page liked.

You can use your business logo or a picture of yourself. Depending on what your business is.

Your profile photo is a thumbnail size image sitting on the top of your page. ‘

When creating your profile picture use the required image size – 170 x 170 pixels


2. Use a Vivid and Good-looking Cover Photo:

It is very important for you to use a vivid and good looking photo for the cover of your Facebook page.  It is often times

the first thing visitors see. It occupies quite a sizeable space at the top of your Facebook page.

Create an image of good quality for your brand or one that connects with your brand.   Make it engaging.


3. Do Not Create a False Facebook Profile Account to Set Up Your Facebook Page:

Some people get confused when creating their Facebook page because Facebook requires that they use a Facebook profile account or create one before creating a Facebook page.

In their attempt to separate their Facebook profile from their Facebook page they create a false or replica profile account.

Facebook frowns at this act. Your Facebook page can be suspended for this.

So, use your Facebook profile to create your Facebook page.  Your Facebook page will appear different and independent of a Facebook profile to your audience.


4. Creating Facebook Personal Profile for Business is a No-No!

Setting up a Facebook profile for your business is a bad idea. It will in no way benefit your business.

Rather you’re at a disadvantage because:

  1. Facebook profile is limited when it comes tools for creating business content that will attract your target audience.
  2. You’ll not see your business data. By data, I mean insights and analytics that are available for a Facebook page.
  3. No Ad or sponsored post.

Why will you want to put your put your target audience through the stress of ‘friend’s request’. You also can’t accept more than five thousand friend’s request.


5. Add a Facebook Page Like Box to your Blog.

One cool way to increase engagements on your Facebook page is to add a Facebook page “like” plugin to your blog. When done, it appears like a box with pictures and the numbers of people who have already liked your page.

It makes it easy for people to like your page when they visit your blog with just a click.


6. Invite Friends, Associates and Family Members Already on Your Facebook Profile.

You can invite contacts on your Facebook profile to like your Facebook business page.

Facebook page has a button that curates all your friends on Facebook profile with a click box for you to invite them to like your Facebook business page.

This is a great way to get started with invites.


7. Use other Social Media Platforms to Increase Engagements.   

One smart way to increase likes and engagements on your Facebook page is through other social media platforms. You can add your Facebook page link to your profile on other social media platforms.

You can update your twitter feed with your Facebook info or with a post that users love on your Facebook page.  You can also pin images to Pinterest and link videos on YouTube.

This with help you attract your target audience from various platform to your Facebook Business page.


8. Post Valuable Content on Your Page

“Content is King” – Bill Gates. Click To Tweet

 Like most business using Facebook page. Their main reason for setting up one is to attract prospective customers and build a long lasting relationship. Content plays a major role in attracting and building a lasting relationship with your audience.

Valuable, relevant and consistent content attracts attention, increases your page likes, brand expansion, reliability, and sales.

For effective marketing on a Facebook page, you can share:

  • Blog post links
  • Videos
  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Infographics
  • Products
  • Useful tips
  • Stories related to business

Consistency is key.


9. About Section

Your  About Section provides you the chance to tell your target audience about your business, what you do.

You have to make sure that whatever information you put, tells people exactly what your business does. Be specific. Complete every field with the right information.

You don’t necessarily need a professional writer to do it for you. You can make it informal and welcoming.


10. Pin Post

Like most social media feeds old posts are been pushed down by new posts. But sometimes you might have an old post with high engagement rate that you might still want your audience to see after a new update, then the way to go is to pin it with Facebook page pin function.

A pinned post will appear at the top of your Facebook page.

You can also take advantage of the pin function to pin promotional posts, Events e.t.c


11. You have to be active!

After all that is said, don’t forget to be social. Your audience needs to connect with you. They love to connect with the person or people behind the brand.

So creating valuable, relevant and consistent content is very important so also is connections. You have to be present.  Comment, reply comments. Ask your audience questions, answer questions from them too. Join chats. Connect with others businesses.


12. Use Ads to Promote Your Page!

While I love the idea of growing a Facebook page organically, setting aside a little money to promote your page with Facebook page Ad isn’t a bad idea.

Facebook page Ads will help you increase engagements. Facebook page algorithm will make your sponsored post or page reach users you might never be able to reach organically.

One thin I like about the Ads option is the Call-to-Action (CTA) button it has. You can use it to ask users to like your page, request information, buy products.

You can also use Facebook Page Ads targeting options to target people in a certain location, demographics, interests etc.



13. Include Call to Action.

A CTA is a fantastic way you can drive users to take actions that will connect them to your community, buy a product or service.

What a call to action does, is to further engage directly with customers and encourage them to make a profitable action.

You can use a CTA button to request users to signup, make a request.  You can be creative with it.

You can also use it drive traffic to your website.


14. Run a Facebook Page Contest or Giveaway

Creating a Facebook page contest or giveaway will greatly increase your engagements.

It will help your business connect with new customers and keep present customers engaged.

It’s an easy way to increase engagements organically.

We all love free stuff. – It could be as easy as requesting a like on your Facebook page, commenting or sharing it.

Most times, users share contest and giveaways with their friends or group without you even asking.

Just make sure you give out what you promised and make it easy for your audience to redeem the prize when they win.



Facebook Page is equipped with lots of marketing tools that you adapt to meet your business marketing goals.        

Don’t ignore the numbers. Your target audience is active on Facebook daily.

Still thinking or need help – leave a comment or send me an email

Always yours!


  1. Marianna LoMonaco

    I’m just getting started on marketing through social media. I’m setting up my instagram, FB page & linked in as well as my new website to promote my hairstyling business for in salon services & featuring mobile services. I have read this article & the other you wrote for hashtags. Thank you so very much for sharing such valuable information. I have saved them as bookmarks & will be sharing with friends too. Many blessings!

    1. Post

      Hi Marianna,
      So glad to hear about you using social media as part of your marketing strategy. I’m also glad you find my post useful. Like I tell myself everyday – Consistency is key!

      Best of luck with your business!

    1. Post
  2. Elsie

    I have a Facebook profile for my blog. I also have a (ok, ok, WILL soon have) a degree in Web Media. I know what I should be doing, but I never do them. That’s why my page has practically no likes and even less engagement. You’re reiterating exactly what my lecturers have been stating but I really couldn’t be bothered (perhaps because I don’t take this blog thing seriously).

    1. Post

      Hi, Elise. I once didn’t take all the tips and tricks serious. But kept seeing amazing results in analytics of blogs that do them.
      Knowing that numbers can’t be ignored, I decided to start. I must say it’s been amazing!

    1. Post
    1. Post
    1. Post
  3. Jenni Petrey

    Thanks for sharing these tips. I have been wondering how to increase my Facebook reach. And thankfully most of your tips I am already doing so am on the right track!

    1. Post

      Hi Jenni, am happy you’ve been using some of the tips.

      Like we all say ” consistency is key”

      Meet you at the top.


    1. Post
    1. Post

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