How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Now

The skills, procedures and time you need to start a new blog are now minimal but what is increasingly getting hard is drawing traffic to your blog.

There are about 4.6 million daily blog posts. This stats makes it very important for you as a blogger to develop a workable strategy or steps that will draw traffic to your blog.

Every blog owner should be concerned about the flow of traffic to their blog, particularly blogs that are set up for business purposes.

If you are like me, I am sometimes worried about my blog metrics. I love seeing the arrows of my blog post graph point upwards.

Because a blog with a huge number of daily visitors and page views will bring endless opportunities and open several doors.

But it can sometimes be a struggle attracting your target audience especially when there’s no plan or strategy in place.

I have put together the following tactics that I know works excellently well and help increase blog traffic:



  1. Writing Fascinating and Interesting Titles. –

Your blog post title is very important, you need to make cautious effort to create a killer title

Often times, it’s your blog post titles that make visitors who connect to your blog through search engines and social media, click your link or pin.

Use words that are catchy. It doesn’t mean you should use words that are hard to understand. Use a dictionary or thesaurus. It helps a lot.

It’s sometimes possible to create a great content and your target audience never reads it. Why? Because the title didn’t create the right impression.

Visit blogs of people and business in your niche. See how they create and style their titles.

One site I love is buzzsumo. It can search for blog post titles that have been written, how it was styled, the number of views, likes, shares etc.

And when I want to use a similar approach for my titles, I use CoSchedule headline analyzer to write headlines that drive traffic, shares etc.


  1. Blog design

Let me start this way. Is a good blog design important? Yes! Does it equal blog success? No, but it will create a good first impression.

A beautiful and excellence blog design will surely help a blog attract lots of visitors. A bad design can mess-up a blog, readers like to see a good design.

If on arrival to your blog and a negative first impression is created, visitors might leave immediately. There are millions of blogs seeking for users’ attention that is just a click away.

So design your blog with good colours, well laid out graphics and in such a way where your content is easy to read.  Use short paragraphs, white space. List your points etc.


  1. Create Shareable Contents.

You must have heard the cliché “Content is King”. Well, it is!

No matter how beautiful your blog is, what keeps the audience coming back and increase in traffic is the good content they find on your blog.

Once you’ve attracted your target audience and they connect to your blog, they’ll start searching for value and a good story.

If they find the post useful to them they will share it.

If it’s helpful, they will share it.

Readers are in search of posts that are beneficial to them and just like the good old word-of-mouth marketing. Visitors will share your content with their community which will, in turn, lead to high blog traffic.

Content like infographics, Gifs, videos, images, animations, quotes tend to resonate well with visitors and they love to share such contents which in turn will increase your blog traffic.


  1. Post Consistently.

Posting consistently on your blog will certainly increase blog traffic.

Posting consistently increases trust and dependability.

Your audience will always come back because they are guaranteed they’ll find new content.  They will also have more contents to share.

I should warn here. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your content post because you’re concerned about increasing your post.

Create more valuable and relevant content in your niche for your target audience.

Draw out a weekly posting schedule and be consistent.


  1. Guest Posting on Other Blogs.

Guest posting on blogs is one great way to increase your blog traffic. It makes it easy for you to reach a wider audience, asserts you as a leader and experts in your field.

There are a lot of blogs out there looking for other bloggers to guest blog on theirs.

You can come up with great blog post ideas that might be of help to their audience and contact them.

Don’t be scared to contact blogs with huge traffic your idea may just be good enough.

Whatever your strategy is, reach out to different blogs with your ideas.


  1. Develop a Social Media Strategy.

Social media platforms are an integral part of your blog.

Your target audience is on various social media. They are interested in connecting with you and the content you share.

What is important to have after creating your social media presence, is a strategy.

Social media is such a great tool for driving traffic to your site but without a strategy, you can end up wasting valuable time while on it.

It’s possible that you’ve been used to posting on social media daily. But it’s very important that you have a strategy if you intend to use social media to drive traffic to your blog.


  1. Know where your target audience is.


One easy way to attract your target audience to your blog is to know where they hang out the most online.

It is very easy to attract users on social media but most people go about it the wrong way. They are on almost all the platforms available.  They have no laid down plan and a set goal.

They are moved to join just any available social media platform especially when they see the huge user stats been released by different platform without first defining who their target audience is and demographics before joining the social media platform.

Study your market trend, do your research, put effort into engaging with your audience. Draw out a weekly/monthly posting plans for all your social media accounts.


  1. Free Give Away.

We all love free stuff, don’t we?

Free give away drives traffic. Free products, E-books. People also like it when they receive free help tips, motivational quotes, free tutorials, coupons etc.

I believe that there isn’t any blogger out there who isn’t interested in increasing their blog traffic.

One thing to note is that there is no hard and fast rule. It takes consistency and discipline.

Don’t forget that your audience is in search of valuable, relevant content that is delivered to them consistently.


Hey! Love to hear from you.

What strategies have you implemented that has helped you increase your blog traffic?

What have you done to increase your blog traffic that is not on the list?

You can leave a comment.

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