Guide to Social Media Image Sizes

It amazing how visual contents are dominating social media feeds.  It’s not surprising that visual based conversation is fast becoming the new way of communication on social media.

People love taking and sharing pictures. They don’t type their emotions anymore with words, they’ll rather share it as a meme.

More and more people now take and share pictures on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc.

As people continue to go online and connect on social media especially on the main social media platforms .i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube, the prominence of visual content will keep growing.

Businesses are also not left out. Images and videos have become a very powerful tool to tell their stories, create fascinating contents, relate easily with their customers. Visual content is king on social media.

It is essential for a business to correctly convey their brand image on social media. The social media world is a fast click and scroll one.

But, it may amaze you how sizing visual contents on social media isn’t an easy task.

Example: You have to make sure parts of your cover photo isn’t stuffing another one.

It’s not easy to reuse an image across all the social media platforms because they use different sizes

I’ve put together a guide detailing the various sizes for each of the major social media platform.

You can keep it handy as a guide when next you are creating a new social media account or creating visual content for your brand on social media.



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