Amazing Social Media Marketing Facts You Should Know

The process of promoting you, your products and services with the use of social media platforms and websites is called social media marketing.

Until recently, most people use social media for their personal purpose. If you’re presently doing same with social media then you’re frozen in the last millennium.

Social media is now considered as one of the most important marketing tools for business.

Social media is the place your audience now lives. It’s also the place where your audience expects to find you, information about you – your business.

It’s now so easy to reach your target audience when you include social media marketing into your marketing strategy. It’s the best option for people to reach you and for you to respond back.

Social media offers useful insights like reviews, comments, feedback, complaints, likes, etc. these insights are helpful when measuring outcome and shaping the course of your whole marketing strategy.

According to Digital in 2017 Global Overview Report from We Are Social and Hootsuite, there are 3.77 billion global internet users, 2.80 billion global social media users, 4.92 billion global mobile users, 2.56 billion global mobile social media users and 1.61 billion global e-commerce users in 2017.


These figures are huge and shouldn’t be ignored. You need to leverage on them.

Social media marketing should be the core branding and marketing tool in your marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is the quickest way to let your target audience know about a new product, service or information.

Social media is a no longer a trend but a way of life. Millions of people spend a considerate amount of their time on social media platforms.

If you’re looking for where to connect with your target audience, social media is where you’ll find them. Social media marketing is the new marketing

There are loads of paybacks you can get when you include social media marketing into your marketing strategy. These are the common ones.

  • Increase in Traffic – Social media marketing increases your page view. The numbers of unique visitors’ will increase. Visitors will spend more time and will also visit other pages, not just the home page.
  • Engagement – The contents you create will receive likes, shares, favourites, retweets, comments etc. from users
  • Real Time Insight About Users – Almost all the social media platforms provide some sort of metrics and real-time analysis about user engagements. This analysis is helpful when auditing your connections and activities on social media.
  • Amazing customer experience – Social media has grown to become a very useful tool that can be used to provide customer service promptly and professionally. A User can post request, make complaints or ask for technical assistance on platforms like twitter and get a real-time response.
  • Increase in Sales – Social media is where your target customers now live. When valuable and relevant content is created on social media, it increases sales which is the ultimate and desired outcome of all marketing strategy. With over 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017, Social media is the new market.

Social media platforms will empower you to engage with billions of people worldwide. They make it possible for individuals, brands, and businesses to post appropriate and fascinating content. With social media, you can interact with and better understand your community.

Is social media marketing part of your marketing strategy? If yes, please let me know how it impacts your business and if you’re still planning or considering it as part of your marketing strategy let me know also.

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